The tools and mindset that you need to lead your organization into the 21st century

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Rehumanizing Leadership Book
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Rehumanizing Leadership

Putting Purpose Back into Business

Your Guide to Leading Thriving Businesses in the 21st Century

How human is your leadership? Rehumanization of leadership has become one of the most pressing issues of our times. While digital technology is transforming our world into an interconnected whole, we are literally building walls of protectionism around us. Rehumanizing Leadership offers an antidote to the linear and fragmented leadership models that emerged out of the industrial age. Sudhanshu Palsule and Michael Chavez make a compelling case for purpose, empathy and caring to become the strategic driving forces for organizations in our disruptive and complex world. They provide you with the simple tools and the mindset that you need to lead your organization into the 21st century.

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Meet the Authors

Sudhanshu Palsule

Sudhanshu Palsule is an educator at Duke Corporate Education and other global business schools, as well as a consultant and leadership coach. Originally trained as a quantum physicist, his work on leadership draws upon new research of human behaviour and the workings of the mind.

Author of Rehumanizing Leadership Book

Michael Chavez

Michael Chavez is the CEO of Duke Corporate Education. He has over 25 years of experience in executive management, marketing, customer analytics and organizational learning. He teaches on leadership and culture, and his research and writings focus on ‘rehumanizing’ leadership. He teaches on Building Strategic Agility, an online course created by Duke Corporate Education to helps leaders be more agile and equip them with new skills, tools and instincts to navigate today’s environment and build more strategic agility into their organizations.

Author of Rehumanizing Leadership Book

About Duke Corporate Education

Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE) is the premier leadership development institution in the world. Duke CE works with organizations to design and deliver experiences that activate learning and transform leaders at all levels so they can be catalysts of transformation in their organizations. The Financial Times ranked Duke CE #2 globally in 2019 and in the top three worldwide in custom executive education for 19 consecutive years.

Duke CE is a blend of a business and university ― but distinct from both. From the business world, we bring an outcomes-driven focus on client service and real world insight into the challenges leaders face. From our university heritage, we bring academic rigor and research. Duke CE is part of Duke University, a top-ranked global research university.

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Praise for Rehumanizing Leadership

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In today’s volatile, uncertain world, where strategy is becoming increasingly transient,  companies need to look to organizational purpose to provide a more enduring sense of direction. A clear and inspiring purpose can help employees navigate ambiguity and make decisions. And, it can also be a source of inspiration, answering the larger “Why?” question, which has become increasingly important in a world where employees value meaning as much as money. The leadership task, however, is not as simple as coming up with a great purpose statement.

In this complimentary webinar, Duke Corporate Education CEO, Michael Chavez will share his and his co-author’s research as well as their practical experience working with global companies on using purpose to increase strategic agility and build a more engaged, innovative workforce. Michael will speak to the principles of success in deploying your organization’s purpose by embedding meaning and clarity at the team and individual level.

Join us, learn and contribute, and become a better leader.

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Rehumanizing Leadership Business Book

Your guide to building engaged, resilient and innovative organizations.

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